At-home resources

During this time of social distancing, we are offering at-home, on-line resources for family devotions, Bible studies and other resources for spiritual growth.

The prayers begin on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17, in conjunction with the Kansas District Day of Repentance—a day to pray, reflect, repent, and give to those in need. The prayers continue for 50 days, wrapping up on April 7.

Some suggested courses:  "Our Way Home: A Journey through the Lord's Prayer"  .  "God's Great Plan" (asking hard questions about the Bible)  .  "Galatians"  .  "Apologetics" (finding answers to hard questions)

Some suggested resources: "Speaking of Jesus" (podcast)  .  "The Lutheran Hour" (sermons by Dr Michael Ziegler)  .  "Daily Devotions"

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Living Planted

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21 Days Together

The Word Endures

  • Lutheran Blog on Current Events

Patheos (written by Gene Veith)

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Weekly devotions

The called staff of Faith offer weekly devotions to help you stay connected to God and to our church.

March 18, 2021 [by Hannah]

March 12, 2021 [by DCE Heather]

Feb 26, 2021 [by Hannah]

Feb 16, 2021 [by Pastor Jacob]

Jan 8, 2021 [by Pastor Jacob Heine]