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God gives us a powerful tool through the words of the Bible – God’s Word for us. However busy our lives may be, it is important to be in God’s Word, either individually or in a group study. The Word of God impacts our thoughts, words, and personal prayer by causing growth in our faith, knowledge and obedience to the Lord’s will. Faith offers a variety of ways to be in God's Word through classes on Sunday morning Bible classes, weekday Bible studies, and small groups.

Sunday morning


Restore the Roar - A Study of Amos . Fellowship Hall 

(led by Pastor Heine)

New Member Class . Rm 100 B/C  (Feb 18 thru Mar 24)

(led by Pastor Martin Albrecht)


Wired Word . Rm 206  (led by Ann Mah)


WEDNESDAYS - 6:00-7:30pm

Living in the End Times . Fellowship Hall 

(led by Pastor Heine)

SATURDAYS - 8:00-9:30am

MEN'S BIBLE STUDY - Confirmation Room

(led by Pastor Martin Albrecht)


​​We weren't created to be alone. Small groups offer a place to connect with other believers in fellowship;

to grow in our understanding of the Bible; to meet the needs of others in your group in ministry;

to become equipped for evangelism; and to worship God through practicing godly behavior.

It's all about relationships...our relationship with God and with each other.

What is the commitment required to be in a Faith Group?

Each group will vary in levels of expectations. Some will meet weekly, some biweekly, some monthly. It is important that you commit to whatever the group decides. Periodically we offer short-term small groups that meet during a season for a particular topic.


What size is a ‘small group?’

The Faith Groups should be sized 6-12 people. It is the hope that each group becomes too large and must split and birth a new group.

It may be painful and difficult to do so, but it serves the purpose of God and the mission of our church.

This means, then, that in these Faith Groups, future leaders should be trained and raised.


How can I join a Faith Small Group?

Faith has had a small group ministry for many years. Because this is such an important part of Faith’s vision, we are encouraging all members to get involved. Groups meet at various times that fit their schedule. Some of our current groups may be full,

some may have a few openings, and more groups will be forming.

Contact us indicating which day of the week and time best fits your lifestyle and a facilitator will contact you.


Want to start your own Faith Small Group?

If you have an interest and experience with small groups, are a faithful worshiper,

and are willing to be trained and serve the church’s vision, contact Pastor Martin.


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