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Journey to Jerusalem
activity challenge

Join us on this 6,614-mile virtual journey as we walk to Jerusalem just in time to celebrate Jesus' rising on Easter!

Participants will collectively be tracking physical activity from Jan. 15 thru April 8; learn about the countries and cultures along the journey from Topeka to Jerusalem; and reflect/meditate upon scripture devotionals for personal reflection.

(Anyone with health concerns is encouraged to consult their physician before beginning a strenuous exercise program.) 

Some activities that count toward "steps" to accomplish our goal can include: walking, running or jogging, aerobic exercise, water exercise, biking, basketball, football, soccer, golf, Pilates, skating, stair climbing..

But you can also turn the following activities, and many more, into steps: snow shoveling, mopping, vacuuming, yard work, billiards/pool, bowling, cleaning house, dancing, fishing, sledding, yoga...

The above is an email link to Pat Schultz (

or call/text her at 785-633-8763

Along the journey, you will learn ways to shrink our globe, shrink our waistlines and expand our minds and understanding of our neighbors on this planet. When we take the time to learn about people, we can begin to experience community with those people. Knowing their history, values, living conditions, customs and geographical location expands our knowledge and understanding. They are no longer statistics, but living, breathing, feeling, and sometimes hurting people created by God. 

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