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Journey to Jerusalem
activity challenge

This 6,614-mile virtual journey took us to Jerusalem just in time to celebrate Jesus' rising on Easter!

Along the journey, we learned ways to shrink our globe, shrink our waistlines and expand our minds and understanding of our neighbors on this planet. When we take the time to learn about people, we can begin to experience community with those people. Knowing their history, values, living conditions, customs and geographical location expands our knowledge and understanding. They are no longer statistics, but living, breathing, feeling, and sometimes hurting people created by God. 

WEEK 1 Update: 1,866 miles walked   [visitor's guide]

We visited LCMS headquarters and the seminary in St. Louis, then on to birthplace of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in Perry County-Missouri, continuing to the Port of New Orleans, and ending in Kentucky to see the Ark Encounter & Creation Museum.

WEEK 2 Update: 2,195 miles walked   [visitor's guide]

We made it to New York City, then flew over the North Atlantic Ocean toward Europe.

WEEK 3 Update: 2,076 miles walked   [visitor's guide]

We landed in Dublin, Ireland, then visited Edinburgh, Scotland, and on to London, England.

WEEK 4 Update: 2,091 miles walked  [visitor's guide]

We went from London to Germany visiting Martin Luther sites in Wittenberg and Augsburg, then continued to Corinth, Greece.

WEEK 5 Update: 1,814 miles walked  [visitor's guide]

Onward following the footsteps of the Apostle Paul to Corinth, Thessalonica, Colossae, Philippi, and Athens in Greece.

WEEK 6 Update: 2,028 miles walked  [visitor's guide]

We spent the week journeying in Galatia and Ephesus in Greece; Rome, Italy; and almost to Madrid, Spain.

WEEK 7 Update: 1,832 miles walked  [visitor's guide]

We are leaving Spain and taking a 3-week journey toward Ethiopia.

WEEK 8 Update: 1,524 miles walked  [visitor's guide]

We are continuing to Ethiopia and hope to arrive soon.

WEEK 9 Update: 1,486 miles walked  [visitor's guide]

We have only a few more miles before getting to Ethiopia, but spend some time learning about it in our Visitor's Guide.

WEEK 10 Update: 1,939 miles walked  [visitor's guide]

We made it to Jerusalem! What a journey!

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